IMG_1033 copyArt and family go hand and hand in my daily life.  After first studying black and white film photography in Florence, Italy in 2003, I was hooked on taking pictures.  Making the switch to digital photography fit right into my collegiate background in graphic design.

Since picking up my first digital SLR Canon camera, I have had the privilege of sharing more than 50 weddings over the years with couples all over the Puget Sound area.  I have been invited to share precious moments in the lives of families as they welcome babies into the world.  Photography is art that captures a moment and forever seals the emotion it shares.  My children are my greatest inspiration.  I know that each day they turn one day older than the last, and these are precious moments always worth capturing in a photograph.

I work from home as a writer and photographer and love my full-time job: mommy.  I enjoy volunteering at the local elementary school to teach the next generation of artists the power of creativity.  I have two books available online: Portraits of the Toughest Job in the Army and The Monsters in Daddy’s Duffle Bag.  Both are available at online retailers such as amazon.com.

A portion of the royalties from my book sales goes to support organizations that help military families such as the Fisher House Foundation.